We're celebrating our 1 year anniversary! Tiamat's return launched on July 1st 2018.

Enjoy the event, where we're bringing nostaligia features back.

Today's update:


• Coin event - command //coin beer still works! Coins drop randomly in Tia eye from all mobs.

• Potion event - Potions will drop randomly from all mobs

• Scroll Event - Every 1 hour you'll receive scrolls for free


• Tiamaranta siege will now drop

• 5 Mithrils

• Tiamaranta Siege Reward chest

Instances Hexway:

• Mithril drops are removed

New Items:

Tiamaranta Siege Reward chest:

    - Beer Lootbox

    - 50 Mythical Supplements

    - 5 Mithrils

• Godstone Box (Skin):

    - Drops a random Godstone skin

• Green Manastone Box :

    - Crit Strike +17

    - Magical Accuracy +16

    - Accuracy +27

    - Block +27

    - Evasion +17

    - HP +95

    - Magic Boost +28

    - Parry +29

    - Resist Magic +14

    - Crit Spell +5

New Commands:

• new //rbg command - Allows you to write in chat with all different colors (only for VIP members)

• added //support command - Allows you to send a message to online GM directly for assistant

Rates and Drops:

•EXP rates are 1x

• Bronze and silver coin quests are now goin to give 5 coins instead of 1

• Gold chests drops only 1 Mithril but for each group member

• Killing Assault Leaders in tiamaranta eye have a big chance of dropping Godstone Box (Skin)

Website updates:

Website UI is now changed to the old "Tiamat's return" versoin, but updated.

    It supports mobile.

    You can visit your profile by clicking on your account name after you login.

    You can view / add / change your email.

    You can change your password (once your email is verified)

    You can see news about current events through website!

    Donating now will allow you to gain tolls (You'd be needed to log first)

We have a new icon!

New Splash arts are added to the client

Upcoming updates:

Fully functional mouse fix, works on windowed mode as well! without requiring a third party app in the background

Launcher updates coming within the next weeks