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Update: 13/2/2019

Chat and Commands update

-Commander chat now is working natively from the client! so you can use /command as you normally would!

-Revamped player commands entirely

-Prefix for player command now is . so for example .toll kinah 1000

-.cchat is now removed from the game

-Command //recharger is removed. Now you can use .return instead

-Command //pmorph cancel is now changed to just .morph

Check all the commands here

Drops and inventory

-gold and plat coin boxes now drops 20 coins each

-Mounts were moved to the special cube in a previous update, is now also updated in the server side, so these empty cubes in your inventory, can be filled with other stuff!

-opening boxes takes 0.5s

-all high-end scrolls now stack to 20k

-All daily mithril quests now drop 2 mithrils instead of 1 -Group mithril quests will drop 5 mithrils -Alliance mithril quests will drop 10 mithrils

-Quests that will reward Shaper's Token will now give 10 on dailies and 15 on weeklies


-Beshmundir Temple bosses now will drop gear with higher rates