mardi 26 novembre 2019

Hello everyone,

As you'll have noticed, this project has slowly faded away over the year, and there hasn't been any update since July. Today is the last day of our VPS' subscription, and without any big surprise, I have decided to not renew it. Therefore the game server is now permanently shutdown. This project's story is a rather sad one, as because of internal dispute, we lost our momentum and never were able to get it back. It saddens us all that it has come to an end, but a gaming server is a lot of work, and our lives just made it impossible to sustain the rhythm any longer.

We haven't communicated about our plans before, because we ourselves couldn't agree about what should happen until a few weeks ago. We deeply hope that the game could bring fun to some of you in any case, and that you'll keep a few good memories from it ! We'll keep this Discord server as it is, since it doesn't cost us anything, and it'll keep a trace of what happened. It is also realistically possible that we'll reboot this project in the future, we have learned a lot from it and probably would do it better, should we try again, but there are no plans for it currently.

We wish you the best, and maybe see you around in the Aion world !