Take a look at all the changes we've made throughout the year


  • Brigade General Vasharti now summon meteorites less times during fight
  • Macunbello Damage from Skills reajusted
  • Wind Walk Assassins skill now overwrite other hide skills as intended
  • Enhancement mantra is now a stigma skill
  • Fixed terrain in raksang and Rentus Base
  • Raised gold accesories chance to drop from Debilkarim
  • fixed drop Table from mist mane village (morheim) bosses



  • Fixed a Bug where you wouldnt reach 0.9 Atkspeed having a 60 Ap weap eq
  • Fixed some Assassin Skills (Because exe is an assassin so he takes care about it the most *smh*
  • Finally the Tiamat stronghold mob is removed (hope so qq)
  • Relics now stack until 100, doesnt show in your Invs yet (go over the item, youll see it)
  • Added Beshmundir Temple to "enhanced" drop function (like TF)



  • Added missing drop to debilkarim and sightly increase the drop rate of eternal accesories.
  • Added 350 greater eternal supplements to vasharti drop, and sightly increased the drop rate of the pagati and Eternal Weapons
  • Significantly increased the chance of getting a composite manastone from the hexway manastone bundle
  • The golden treasure box adquired from Hexway final chest now gives 1 mithril medal intead of 2 platinum
  • Added Beshmundir Temple to "enhanced" drop function (like TF)
  • Added some missing Spawns to the Game
  • Changed a couple of wrong spawns in Raksang
  • (- Removed 2 unnecessary Mobs out of Tiamats Stronghold // soon :v)
  • Fixed a Bug where Bosses for instance related Sandstorm Quests didnt count
  • Enabled the opportunity for GM's to Outlaw someone (event related)

JeeeEZ & Exe


  • Increased Vasharti's chance to drop Eternal weapons
  • Fixed a situational bug where Vasharti was unable to attack ;
  • Reduced the damage inflicted by Vasharti's reflect
  • Fixed Tarotran , Nikasha and kuhara to match their retail behaviour
  • Fixed Beluslan's Mamuts / Mammooties spawn times
  • Replaced 'fake' Bollvig with the real one
  • Fixed Heiron to Eltnen road
  • Fixed 'Drakes and their Breeders' quest
  • Fixed 'A Sick Shugo' quest

Updates by Liat & JeeeEZ


  • Vasharti doesn't insta use reflect anymore.
  • Added Rentus to "enhanced" drop function (like TF)

Updates by New recruits


  • Increased enchant success rate at lower enchant levels
  • Increased chances to crit enchants (+2 or +3 levels on success)
  • Increased craft crit chances by 10 points
  • Small nerf on the minimum ap dropped by boxes in Tiamaranta's Eye
  • Added a //giveap command useable by 5 stars officers and above. Syntax : //giveap playername amount

Updates by Liat


  • NPCs now follow players from 4m away (before : 15m)
  • This should solve the issues with follow quest that couldn't be finished due to NPC never walking on the right spot.
  • Fixed a bug that made the 7th macro disappear after login if it was the last one

Developer Comment

We're introducing this command because many of you asked us to transfer ap to their alts, or less frequently to friends. At first we had decided to not grant those requests, but on second thought we're giving you this automatic tool. We're limiting it to high ranked officers in order avoid abuse.

Updates by Liat


  • Keymasters' chances to drop keys for solo players are now back to normal.
  • By giving a huge buff to groups, we wanted to encourage people to band together, but many players just like to play solo and we agree that it would be unfair to force a game-play on them for longer.
  • Keymaster Chokuri isn't affected by the group drop bonus anymore
  • Player initial kinah reduced from 10 000 000 to 100 000

Updates by Liat


  • Siege schedule redesign update!

Developer Comment

The siege schedule was full of cluster and bit confusing, just had bit too much! so it changed now, it shows the day's siege schedule only, with their time in list, making it less confusing! There is going to be countdown implemented below sometime tomorrow; which would tell how long until the siege time. You still can view the old-designed full schedule!

Updates by Maro


  • Added faction transfer function

Updates by Liat


  • Players getting slept during glide will now stop gliding.
  • Players getting slept while flying in glide mode will switch back to normal.
  • flight mode, and not be able to control their gliding direction anymore.
  • Considering the move effect from Assassins' rune carve skills is buggy, it has been removed until a better replacement can be found.
  • All other effects are still active (rune carve, cancel move, cancel cast).

Updates by Liat


I am still working on some backend stuff, but made those along the way :
- Siege nerf doesn't stack over itself anymore ;
- Tiamat's Fortress : Added a check on the door's state in Tahabata's room (upon reset) ;
- Quest '[Spy] Our Man in Elysea' : Hyppolitus is now friendly to Asmodians and the quest can be completed ;
(- Cooldowns reset)

Updates by Liat


- 'Spirit Wall of Protection' and 'Sigil Strike' aren't usable anymore without their stigmas equipped ;
Sidenote: 'Synthesizing Tool' is missing from NPC shops because it's a 4.0 item ;

Updates by Liat


- Tahabata doesn't stun anymore while under Berserk buff ;
- Rewards for Dredgion winners have been tripled ;
- The Eye's Key-masters drop keys with 50% of their normal rate if their killer is alone ;
- The Eye's Key-masters drop keys with normal rate if their killer is in group,
but when they drop, there will be one for each group member.
(Faction pvp buff isn't implemented yet)

Updates by Liat


=== Brigade General Tahabata (Tiamat's Fortress) ===
- Now resets if pulled outside of its room ;
- Flame tornadoes have a chance to apply 'Aether hold' effect like in retail ;
- The boss now teleports like in retail, instead of sliding to targets ;
- 'Sea of retribution' hits players in the aoe, and not on the opposite side ;
=== Customization ===
- To avoid faction imbalance snowballing, X-Forms have been disabled for now ;
- The kill count after which you don't receive AP from a player is now 50 ;
- The kinah limit for NPC sellings has been lifted ;
- It is no longer possible to see which fatty holds the key in TF with //dropinfo ;

Updates by Liat


- Temple of Scales has been reset to balaur control as announced ;
- 'The Darkness Rising' receives 5 'Advanced Asmodian Siege Weapon' ;
- Instances cooldowns reset as usual ;
- Siege weapons now attack properly ;
- Protection forcefields in Gelkmaros or Inggison now kill players as intended ;
- It should now be less likely to blink through doors ;
Side note : The issue with people able to cast accross doors isn't solved yet and affects locations kinda randomly.

Updates by Liat


=== World ===
- (Instance cooldowns reset as usual) ;
- Respawn times will now have +/-10% rng, to make boss sniping/camping harder ;
- It is no longer possible to locate the keymasters in the Eye, using /where ;
=== Skills ===
- Aoe skills affecting non-group allies now apply to the caster as intended ;
- 'Courageous Shield' now stays active when the caster switches to greatsword ;
- 'Advanced Dual Wielding' for gladiator now requires the related stigma ;
Also, gladiators that learned that skill as normal skill should see it removed :

Updates by Liat


-Fixed the subbuttons text, it's on the middle now!
-Leaderboards and Siege Schedule now have UI that fits in the website! gone these ugly tables

Updates by Maro


- Fixed a bug that made players unable to log ;
- Fixed the "advanced stigma slots not opening" issue (number update on login)
- All cd reset as usual
- The consumables event that should have ended today will stay active for another week.

Developer Comment:

Even though we don't always answer you individually, I just wanted to mention that we have reviewed all your tickets and sorted the bugs you've reported into our task list. I have checked as well the crash logs I got from your clients, and I'll be uploading tomorrow a new version of the tool to get more info

Updates by Liat


- Tiamat's incarnate's hp are back to -40% hp, pots drop again, scrolls event extended as well

Updates by Liat


- Players should not be able to use skills from other classes anymore ;
- Added green key as drop item in Tiamaranta's Eye's mobs ;
- Added stigma shards as drop in the eye mobs as well ;
- Increased AP relics in the eye's chests ;
- Increased the number of chests, and decreased their respawning time ;
- Pull is still messed up but you shouldn't have the "target too far away" issue anymore.

Updates by Liat


-Scrollbars now are more styled and less annoying in Firefox and some other shady browsers

Updates by Maro


- The bug that made loot disappear after 5s if the player didn't have the loot rights is fixed;

- A general -40% hp debuff has been applied to every siege NPC, including gates ;

- The server will monitor packets when it detects that you crashed, to try to understand your sendlogs;

Updates by Liat


-Added sub-menus under the top buttons


-Added tickets issues in the support section for the site in case you are having a trouble sending tickets

Updates by Maro


-Community Guidelines release
-Scrollbars were shy in some browsers, so they're back now.
-Leaderboards doesn't overflow anymore
-Now you can select the text
-Fixed issue where the error wouldn't display if the short description in the tickets are more than 20 characters (including spaces)

Updates by Maro


-Leaderboards now show all the users


-Added Privacy Policy
-Added Google Analytics
-Fixed major UI bugs
-Edited FAQ, Download and Support sections to fit the current launcher situation

Updates by Maro


- The berserk buffs from Anuhart in TF can now be dispelled, and disappear on reset ;
- Added a "Need or greed" loot algorithm based on Twinklemeow's suggestion (I'll explain) ;
- Added a //shame command to report annoying players. Usage : //shame playerName Reason why. Do not abuse of it or you'll be punished !
- Added a //fame command to mirror the //shame one, but to promote positive players.
- Reian captains NPCs in TF's entrance are now allied, as intended ;

Updates by Liat


- Fixed the launcher to no longer require Aion Mouse Fix shortcut or separate window

- Added emergency mode to launcher to allow people change their game from windowed to fullscreen

Updates by Lotharea


- Fixed the 'loot disappears after 5s' issue ;
- Added new algorithm for drop calculations, currently only active is Tiamat's Fortress ;

Updates by Liat


- Updated browser support list
-Fixed the login window on Safari and Baidu
-Fixed the main menu text on Safari browser (now it's scrollable!)
-Hid the ugly scrollbars on Chrome, Safari and Opera (You'd still see them on microsoft Edge and Firefox ops)
-fixed bug where elements would be positioned to the right side on Safari and Baidu

Updates by Maro


- Fixed the legion panel issue ;
- Reward not being sent to players should be fixed (but I couldn't really test since I need more than a couple of characters) ;
- Buffed the drop rates for the pot event, and added Major Divine Mana Serum as potential drop ;

Updates by Liat


Added style to the schedule
Added style to the leaderboards
Leaderboards button now works!
Using a different method to view the top logo, so now it should look fine on Safari and older browsers!
added features page
Fixed the side login and buttons in old browsers and Safari (though, the login would look weird on Safari for now, you can stil login from register!)

Updates by Maro


- Multiple simultaneous duel bug should be fixed ;
- Dredgion activated at 19:00 and 23:00 GMT+2. Winners reward : 15000 / Looser : 7500
- Since you have frustrating bugs, your instance cd are reset

Updates by Liat


- Activated scroll inventory drop / potions drops event (5 scrolls of each categories every 15min, 30% pots drop-rate)
- Infinite traps damage after cover fixed ;
- Possibility to get an infinite and inactive debuff fixed ;
- As requested, godstones can be equiped but will only display the visual effect ;
- Added permanent teleporters to Tiamaranta's Eye (not visible on the map, but exist) ;
- Reduced the HP of Tiamat's Incarnates by 40% ;
- Fixed the duel service to allow duels in PvP zones ;
- Removed the middle of afternoon Tiamaranta siege ;
- Fixed guides : cleric shield from lvl30 to lvl40, added Aether armor ;(edited)
Liat - Today at 2:09 PM
- Reverted a code change, to fix the toggle skills issue ;
- Reverted the perma-access to the eye to normal access ;
- Disabled 2pm Tia siege, re-enabled 6pm Tia siege ;
- Added Grace of Empyrean Lord to clerics guides ;
- You can use the command //gear switch_weapon to bypass client limitation ;
- Siege kinah and medals rewards buffed by 300% (not sure it will apply on today's sieges)
Liat - Today at 7:07 PM
- You can now use //dropinfo to get the list of your target's drops


-Activated scroll inventory drop / potions drops event (5 scrolls of each categories every 15min, 30% pots drop-rate)

-Infinite traps damage after cover fixed

- Possibility to get an infinite and inactive debuff fixed

As requested, godstones can be equiped but will only display the visual effect

-Added permanent teleporters to Tiamaranta's Eye (not visible on the map, but exist)

- Reduced the HP of Tiamat's Incarnates by 40%

-Fixed the duel service to allow duels in PvP zones

-Removed the middle of afternoon Tiamaranta siege

-Fixed guides : cleric shield from lvl30 to lvl40, added Aether armor

Updates by Liat


-Changelog release

Updates by Maro


-Scrolls are back to 1s cd, the display bug with skills cd is fixed

Updates by Liat


-Fixed a bug where the launcher wouldn't load images for some people

-Fixed a bug where the launcher didn't have permission to overwrite the game files

Updates by Lotharea


-Added an AI exploit fix.

-Added a +300% craft/gathering xp and +200% drop rates event.

-Added a scroll giveaway event (scrolls will drop into your inventory every 30min)

-Reduced the CD of scrolls to 1s (this might be changed later on)

-Some stigma / gear survey entries fixed based on your feedback.

-Roll-back on the scroll cd update because of a side-effect bug

Updates by Liat




-          Password IP ban is now 50 trials instead of 5

-          Every building is available at the housing broker

-          (- Housing bids now end every day at 12:05)

-          A Recharger area was added, just use "//recharger" - YET a pvp zone, so on your own risk (got to change with next restart) - 1x / hour to avoid abuse

-          Omegas resistance buff fixed to a legit value

-          Candy / Mau / Slayer / Xform wont overwrite each other anymore

-          Fixed the pull bug

-          Moltenus spawns every day at 22:00 now instead of Sundays 22:00 only



-          Added the //relics command to exchange Relics at the same doubled rate the npc has

-          Housing bids, maintenance and automatic registration now at 00:00 (as soon as the current bidding runs out)

-          Because of that, maintenance costs got removed

-          The Recharger area aren’t a pvp area anymore

-          SM Spirit skills fixed for static targets

-          Commander + can now use //cchat <message> to send a Faction Wide Yellow message c:

-          yandere.exe09/13/2018

-          Doubled the amount of mithril medals outta pve dailies

-          For now, you can invite players of the other race

-          Added "//medal" to exchange platinum to gold/mithril medals (don’t get confused by the 500 messages the command sends you on fail)

-          Haramel is now a 2 player instance




-          Fixed the erosion through evade/resist bug

-          Expanded the pot event time, the green key event time and added the pot recipes with a low drop probability



-          -Spawned rechargers again in //recharger



-          Doubled the siege rewards for every fort in the game



-          Added a new command: '//dual' which exchanges 12 mithril into a rdm but class specified dual manastone :3 List incoming

-          [ Side note: The manastone is inside a bundle/box, the box i took for Power is the one outta Hexway, means: You'll get a Power bundle outta Hexway]

-          Power:

-          *All classes*:        Atk +5 /        |        Magic Boost +27 /


-          HP +50; Accuracy +14; Magical Accuracy +8; Crit Strike +9; Resist Magic +8


-          *Specific classes*:

-          Assassin, Ranger: Evade +14

-          Gladiator, Chanter: Parry +14;

-          Templar, Cleric: Block +14;

-          Sorcerer, SM: MP +52

-          Accuracy:

-          *All classes*:        Crit Strike +19 /        |        Magical Accuracy +16 /


-          HP +50; Accuracy +14; Resist Magic +8


-          *Specific classes*:

-          Assassin, Ranger: Evade +14

-          Gladiator, Chanter: Parry +14;

-          Templar, Cleric: Block +14;

-          Sorcerer, SM: MP +52


-          *Physical classes*:  Crit Strike +19 /

-          Atk +2; Magical Accuracy +8;


-          *Magical classes*:  Magical Accuracy +16 /

-          Magic Boost +14; Crit Strike +9;




-          Added a new command: '//help' which shows you every available player command

-          Reduced the Siege reward to 5 from 6

-          Increased the amount of mithril quests which got a buff (1 -> 2 mithril buff)

-          Nerfed the Incarnates HP by 66%

-          Buffed Tatars drop chances for Weap and Belt

-          Added a probability for Green and Gold keys to the tia Eye fattys drop list



-          Russian level Update:

-          - The enchantment stones you get outta extracting now are less random and you won’t get (too) low enchants outta high grade gear


~ Qeo



-          -Legendary Templar bug is finally fixed!

-          -command //giveap is back enabled again



-          Scroll event: 1h scrolls will drop every hour into your inventory. Planned until 1st December;

-          Pot event: pots will randomly drop from mobs. Planned until 1s December as well.



-          Now you should be auto-buffed in Tiamaranta siege if there are less than 7 players of your faction in the siege room

-          Increased some drop rates



-          Steroids: the buffs that were given to players by GM, to be able to complete instances and sieges with low numbers have been automated.

-          This is a temporary mod and will be removed once it's no longer necessary.

-          Upon entering a given zone, if your number is bellow a given threshold, you will receive steroid buffs depending on your class :

Ø  Tiamaranta siege: Damage buffs under 7 players, additional damage buffs and shield under 4 players ;

Ø  Hexway: < 4 players

Ø  Rentus: < 3

Ø  Tiamat's Fortress: < 4

Ø  Dragon Lord's Refuge: < 7


-          General customization: Players can now enter instances alone;


-          Tiamat's Fortress:

Ø  Fixed the altitude of two Elite Reian NPC in the entrance;

Ø  Removed heal effect from Shabokan's berserk buff (shouldn't have been there);

Ø  Removed bugged invisible mobs in Kumbanda's room;

Ø  Fixed a bug that could make Kumbanda's time clocks spawn in the air;

Ø  The Tahabata's Treasure Chest will now drop with the same rates than the bosses.



-          -Opened Kysis Fortress for Elyos

-          -Opened Krotan Refuge for Asmos

-          Info: Both instances gives around 200k to 400k AP, on a 10-hour CD

-          -NPC's in Sarpan base are respawned, if you please mind not killing them until the respawn issue is resolved



-          Dragon Lord's Refuge: Threshold for steroids increased from 7 to 11 players

-          - Tiamaranta’ s sieges: Added additional rewards (50 lesser supplements and one l150)



-          -//Dual command now costs 4 Mithrils

-          -Manastones now drops with 100% chance, not all of them are entirely good, but they're all dual (Will post rates later)



-          Siege drops Greater mythic supps instead of Eternal



-          Client mod:

Ø  Splash art updated with our new name;

Ø  Item data paks edited to allow custom trade restrictions;

-          General:

Ø  You can now trade any item with GM, excepted soulbound items.



-          Added //remodel command. Use //remodel help



-          -New command //coin

-          Usage: //coin beer - Costs 25 Protectorate coins, drops beer!

-          //coin molt = Costs 150 Protectorate coins, Drops Moltenus Spellbook (could be 5 or 6 slots)

-          -Dual manastones bundles changes (4 Mithrils each bundle)

-          Usage: //Dual attack

-          //dual crit

-          //dual magical

-          They're no longer class-oriented, each bundle has a several amount of manastones



-Christmas preset enabled! (Event from NCSOFT)

-          In these maps:

-          Pandaemonium

-          Sanctum

-          Altgard

-          Epiclone

-          Brusthonin

-          Morheim

-          Beluslan

-          Verteron

-          Theobomos

-          Elten

-          Heiron


Added items to beer:

-          Wings of Circle 0

-          Wings of Circle 1

-          Wings of Circle 2

-          Premium Enchantment stone bundle

-          Mithril Medal box


-          Added Protectorate coin drops in Hexway (Group drop)

-          Added Protectorate coin drop to Protectorate assault leader (AKA Fatbois) (One drop)


-          Premiumen enchantment stone bundle has 10 enchantment stones, with random drops:

-          L150, L160, L170, L180, L190


-          Mithril Medal box includes:

-          1, 10, 25, 50, 100, 125 Medals (drops randomly)


*Bug fixes:

-          Green keys drop again

-          Hexway key keeper drops 5th key now



update 2

-          Added Protectorate coins drop in mobs in:

-          Tiamaranta eye

-          Tiamaranta

-          Sarpan

-          Fixed Hexway Protectorate coin drops that were conflicting with supplements

-          //recharger now should port you to base with 2 hour cooldown

-          Items now stacking on each other to 9999!

-          Major Divine Life Serum

-          Major Divine Mana Serum

-          Greater Healing Potion

-          Protectorate's Treasure Chest Key



-          -Tiamaranta Siege now drops L160 instead of L150

-          -Supplements now stack to 100000

-          -Dual manastone chest now stack to 1000



-          -Warehouse is now expandable to max slots!

-          -Disabled legion tasks as their files are missing; so now you can upgrade your legion to level 8

-          -Added Mithril drops when on PVP kills, every 5th, 10th and 15th kill of the opposite faction grants you 1 mithril each

-          -Protectorate coins are now global drops; and increased rates for Tia eye!



New commands

-          //noexp - Disables your ability to gain EXP

-          //Toll <Kinah> <Amount> - Adds tolls, costing 100,000 kinah per 1 toll

New features

-          GAMESHOP IS LIVE!

-          You need to use the bat file to access it however which is included here!

-          (More items will be added periodically)


-          EXP Rates are buffed to 1000% - For faster leveling

-          Drop rate is 100% instead of 300% - For less confusion during adding item drops



Explaining how the Toll command works more clear

If you want to gain 100 tolls you write //toll kinah 100 and that would coast 10,000,000 Kinah



-Kysis, Kroton and Miren instances bosses now drop keys with 100% rates

-Dabra, Niksi and Zumi will also drop keys with 100% rate (it was 90% before)

- Chookuri now have higher odds of dropping green keys



-          Also, forgot to mention, Potion and scrolls will stop dropping for free, Coins will drop only from TS; and Christmas preset will also stop appearing, starting from first of February; as the shop is released, you'd be able to buy the scrolls, potions and beer right from the shop

-          you could still do the beer command, Moltenus book command however, will not be available




-          new command

-          //delete_item <item link> - It deletes the item you link off your inventory

-          Any cube expander now will unlock your inventory until "Cube 3"

-          -Buying a cube expansion of the gameshop would increase your cube, until Cube 4




-          Edited Client side for stacking items update, so now you can split, combine and even see how many items they are without hovering!

-          Affected Items are:

-          Protectorate Treasure Key chest

-          Protectorate Treasure Key Box

-          Protectorate Treasure Key Crate

-          Major Ancient Crown

-          Greater Ancient Crown

-          New splash is added (from Shiro)

-          The update would be applied via the launcher, from our site

-          You don't have to redownload anything, just open the launcher and press update~





-          Opening beer cooldown is now reduced to 0

-          Renamed Beer to "Beer Lootbox"

-          Renamed manastones bundle to their proper name

-          restart launcher again to get the updates




-          5 minutes scrolls now last 10 minutes



-          Buffed enchantment rates; duo to that buff, removing L160's from tia siege, you'll still get the supps however!

-          So now, you'd be able to have better rates enchanting with Green/Purple stones and recommended to use supps starting from level 10-12 to 15

-          Socketing manastones rates are also buffed


New player command:

-          //pmorph cancel - It disables your transformation, so we don't have rainbow-colored penguins running around


Bug fixes:

-          Creating new account, survey now should only unlock your cube until cube 3

-          Fixed the //delete_item command syntax

-          Sarpan mobs shouldn't spawn anymore on every reboot (Some will still do however)

-          Also note that our morph command isn't EXACTLY like not Aion, you'd have to write the command every time you use another candy



-          Fixed major crit strike to 1 hour again

-          //help now is updated with all our commands



Instance changes

-          Hexway now will drop <Rainbow Dual Manastone Bundles> Which will drop all three manastone bundle variants



-          Removed pets with broken inventory slots from the gameshop

-          Changed pet prices in the shop accordingly.

NOTE: if you have a pet with its slots locked, contact me and I will replace it with another pet that have the same amount of slots but unlocked



-          Now when you get <Received Gift> From Pets, it'll drop <Beer Lootbox>



-          Craft Crit rate is now 50% instead of 25%



-          Now you can use your mounts on all maps with no restriction



-          Received gift now stacks

-          Mithril Medals now stacks more

-          Gold Medals now stacks more

-          Silver medals now stacks more



-          EXP - 500%

-          Craft - 500%

-          Craft count - 500%

-          Enchantment - +45%

-          Drop - 200%

-          AP FROM NPC (Changes doesn't apply on command) - 100%

-          Kinah gain from NPC: 200%



-          As the release of the gameshop, content is now able to be sent to players much easier! events aren't meant to stay forever so, on 2/1/2019 the following events will end!

-          Protectorate coins’ event - Coins will only drop in TS instance, no coin drop in eye, or any other map. Will be removed from Hexway. You'd still be able to use the command //coin beer

-          Moltenus weapons will stop dropping from beer, and //coin molt command will be disabled


-          Scrolls & Potion Events - Scrolls will no longer drops every hour in your inventory, and potions won't drop globally; as you're able to purchase them from the gameshop! (and AP pots from NPC's with AP)


-          Christmas event - The maps NPC's will be disabled!


-          Green keys drop - Will remain the same, for now!


Beer item drop:

-          Changed how <Mithril Medal Chest> drops Mithrils, will less likely drop just 1 mithril now

-          Bug fixes and buff changes

-          Siege buffs should be fixed now

-          Magical classes now get Penance



-          Lannok’s Aion's punishment' skill wont bug your character anymore



-          Just a quick message here for those wondering "But what the hell is Alex doing? Why you no patch my skills already, where's ma battleground T_T?"

-          I am currently working on rewriting the website, which had been written based on a copy/paste cancer framework. I also have started working on dynamic colliders to fix issues such as players being able to cast through siege gates.

-          Overall I've worked about 20h on the project this week.

-          I just wanted to keep you informed of what I was doing, so you know I am still here



-          Due to a bug, we've temporarily disabled the gameshop, beer drops and mithril medal chest drops.



-          So; Beer and Gameshop are back online.

-          We had to disable them because of a bug as Alex mentioned up there;

-          we had to clean the database to resolve at least most of the issues that were caused

-          Anyways, the changes are as follows

-          Toll command can give maximum 1000 tolls per command now;

-          Beer has the same exact drops


-          And some mounts now exist in the special cube!

-          Also, more boxes normally spawn in Eye



Introducing two new items

-          <Summon General Goods Merchant (Kikikor)>

-          <Summon Warehouse Scroll>

-          They're in gameshop (Events tab), costs 50 tolls.

-          The summon general goods merchant and warehouse. They have 10 minutes cooldown (you can only use one only at a time)


-          Stormwing statue is renamed to "Recharger"


-          Sarpan spawns are now fixed.

-          Mobs won't spawn in base anymore, without having to remove the other spawns.



-          <Stigma Shard> now stacks to infinity

-          <Premium Power Shard> stacks to 100k


-          <Master Elite Sweet Banquet Food> stacks to 1000 (Even though the client won't show how many you've got, but they stack)


-          Kikikor general good merchant has sworn his allegiance to Asmodians again!


-          Green boxes should spawn LESS in tiamaranta eye (These babies were in every corner)

-          Also, I forgot to mention; as I moved mounts to the special cube; you might not see some of your items in the special cube; that's because the transition of the slots from normal to special cube, you can fix this, but pressing auto arrange button on your special cube




-          the text on the survey, to be clearer and updated.

-          Packed manastones in a bundle. Gotta save that inventory space

-          You can also buy that bundle for free from the gameshop (No need to create a godzillion account ktnx)



-          Manastones bundles (attack) (crit) (magical) are now Blue

-          Beer is now Purple


-          Both of them now are stackable properly <Master Elite Sweet Banquet Food> <Master Elite Spicy Banquet Food>


-          Apparently max stacks can be 20K so these are set to 20K stacks <Stigma Shard> <Premium Power Shard>

-          now stacks to 10 <Plastic Surgery Ticket>  <Gender Switch Ticket> <Name Change Ticket><Legion Name Change Ticket><Palace Exterior Remodeling Ticket><Estate Exterior Remodeling Ticket><Mansion Exterior Remodeling Ticket><House Exterior Remodeling Ticket>

-          All scrolls now have 1s cooldown (updated client and server sides)


Website updates:

-          Now registration requires an email address; as well as verifying your account



-          And items now, will not ask you to write "Confirm" before discarding them





Instance changes


-          Drops now are each group member

-          The last box on Hexway drops from 1 to 10 Mithrils, and 15kk Kinah



-          Drops now are each group member



-          Sabat song now stacks

-          Dragon Lord Tiamat box also stacks

-          Extend Mace back in the box

-          Chance of getting 1 to 3 Dragon lord Tiamat boxes

-          Increased weapon rates to 2% (was 1.6% before)


Beer Changes:

-          Added more skins

-          Added wings

-          Added Instance timer reset scroll drops

-          added green key

-          added gold key

-          Removed WOC0 and WOC2

-          WOC1 rate changed to 10%

-          Moltenus weapons are removed


-          Four new wings added (They drop from beer)

-          White Angel Wings

-          Black Angel Wings

-          Red Angel Wings

-          Ghostly Angel Wings



-          *Coin - Coins Drops from mobs, only drops from Tiamat Stronghold instance, you still can use //coin beer

-          *Potions

-          *Scrolls

-          *Moltenus

-          *Christmas

Has ended


Current drops would be:

-          Stigma shards from eye only (20kk Stigma shards = 6kk Kinah)



-          Scrolls cd is now 0.5 second

-          Opening any box/bundle will take 0.8 seconds instead of 3 seconds (Sabat song don't count)



-          Sharptooth Firebolt now exists in the special cube (If you own this mount, use auto arrange on special cube)



I forgot to mention yesterday;

-          Adma stronghold

-          Lannok drops Mithrils now



OKOK small ninja update;


-          Scrolls now stack to 20K

-          Fixed Mithril drops in

-          Hexway

-          Adma Stronghold


-          Hexway 15kk Kinah now is shared for each group member


-          Restored AP gained from Hexway / Kysis / Miren / Kroton back to what it was




-          The 1h scrolls from the shop aren't dispelable anymore (all other scrolls still are);

-          The insta-leveling surveys are now available for every character of your account;


Bug fixes:

-          Tiamat's Fortress: Shabokan's 'Earth Upheaval' now stumbles like in retail;

-          'Chains of Earth' and 'Ice Chains' won't apply any damage anymore, if the slow effect is resisted;

-          Fixed a bug that always gave players steroids on revive in instance;




-BT bosses now will drop more gear with high drop rate



-          *insta-leveling surveys now



Chat and Commands update

-          -Commander chat now is working natively from the client!

-          so you can use /command as you normally would!


-          -Revamped player commands entirely


-          -Prefix for player command now is .

-          so for example .toll kinah 1000


-          -.cchat is now removed from the game


-          -Command //recharger is removed. Now you can use .return instead


-          -Command //pmorph cancel is now changed to just .morph


-          Check all the commands here https://www.aioneotp.com/player_commands


Drops and inventory

-          -gold and plat coin boxes now drop 20 coins each


-          -Mounts were moved to the special cube in a previous update, is now also updated in the server side, so these empty cubes in your inventory, can be filled with other stuff!


-          -opening boxes takes 0.5s


-          -all high-end scrolls now stack to 20k


-          -All daily mithril quests now drop 2 Mithrils instead of 1

-          -Group mithril quests will drop 5 Mithrils

-          -Alliance mithril quests will drop 10 Mithrils


-          -Quests that will reward <Shaper's Token> will now give 10 on dailies and 15 on weeklies



-          -Beshmundir Temple bosses now will drop gear with higher rates



-          Fixed the bug that made AOE affect their caster in arena maps;

-          Arena of Discipline is re-enabled;

-          I haven't been able to find the cause for the siege bug, but I have added debug messages to investigate;

-          Sieges buffs have been reduced to: penance, splendor of recovery, word of wind (20%), and now apply to everyone without number restriction



-          Fixed the siege bug related to loot-pets



-          As the removal of the command //return I added a new item, which will be found in the gameshop (Shortly)

-          <Custom Sarpan Base Scroll> Which teleports you to the Sarpan base, make sure to restart your client and launcher to get the update from the launcher



-          MP Manastone +95 is added to the Starter Manastones bundle

-          More items and skins added to the gameshop



The Hexway:

-          Mithrils drops reduced to 3 Mithrils with 100% chance from golden boxes


Miren, Kysis, Krotan

-          Ap drops reduced

-          Kinah now drops 750,000 from each box



-          Tiamaranta siege now drops L130 enchantment stone instead of <Beer Lootbox>


Beer changes:

-          Kinah drop: Min: 1000000 Max: 50000000

-          Mithril Medal Box: Min: 5 Max: 10

-          Enchantment Stones Box: L120, L130, L140 Min: 1 Max: 2


Instance reset scrolls:

-          Expiration should be removed now; enjoy your unlimited scrolls!

-          Hexway scroll is removed, it won't drop anymore! (as I was unable to fix it), And for whoever had the scroll already, got 1 beer refunded for each scroll

-          Wings Of Circle 1: Is removed from beer


Tia eye:

-          Assault leaders now drop: 1000000 Raw Kinah

-          Green Boxes now drops: 100000 Raw Kinah

-          Blue Boxes now drops: 500000 Raw Kinah

-          Niksi now drops: 1000000 Raw Kinah (Each Group member)

-          Zumi now drops: 2000000 Raw Kinah (Each Group member)

-          Dabra now drops: 5000000 Raw Kinah (Each Group member)

-          Gold boxes a mithril medal, and 3000000 Raw Kinah


-          Ap rates from //relics command has been dropped to RAW rates (1x)

-          More relics will be dropped from Tia eye chests

-          EXP Rates are reduced to 2.5x



-          Support page is now fixed and available



Follow-up update on the latest patch!


-          -Adjusted AP relics on all Tiamaranta eye boxes


Gold boxes:

-          Kinah: 15000000

-          Mithril: 5



-          Golden treasure box drops changes:

-          Kinah: 25000000

-          Mithril Medal: 5



-          Scrolls now have 15 seconds cooldown! But they don't cause other scrolls to be on cooldown

-          effected scrolls:

-          Greater Running Scroll

-          Greater Courage Scroll

-          Greater Awakening Scroll

-          Major Crit Strike

-          Major Crit Spell

-          Benefits of this update:

-          *Allowing scrolls macro to work again

-          *Preventing from using a scroll mistakenly

Also make sure to restart your launcher until you see the Yellow Update button for the update to be applied



A few updates that we forgot to mention, pushed in the last reboot:



-          Fixed the "open with" dialog issue with windows 10.



-          Fixed an issue causing quests to not complete with insta-lvl to 60 survey;

-          "One time heal" effects from items won't be affected by heal boost anymore;

-          Removed a flying chest spawn from Morheim.