Community Guidelines

The No Zone (Things you shouldnt do and have zero tolerance)

1. Hate Speach.

2. Death Threats.

3. Bullying others.

4. Advertising about other services (without permission) at least.

5. Spamming (Sending too many messages at once).

6. Any form of racism.

7. Offensive naming.

The No Zone - In-game (Things you shouldnt do)

1. Ninja Looting.

2. AHK.

3. Any macro software.

4. Exploiting bugs.

5. False Reporting.

6. Modifiying client data

Staff reactions (That’s what we do!)

1. Warning - You’ll be contacted directly by a staff member about your action.

2. Gagging - You will lose your ability to talk on discord in general channels.

3. Kicking - In case you have not cooperated with staff members with your issues/problems

4. Banning - if you deny the staff’s warning and increase the severity of the problem

Note: Any trespassing of those rules may result in severe consequences (can affect your in-game account), depending on the trespassed rule. Community guidelines may change at any given moment based on our idealogy of what rules must be