Aion 3.9: Echoes Of The Past Features

Aion 3.9 features

Max Level 60

You can only level up until level 60!

All 8 classes available!

Available classes are: Gladiator, Templar, Ranger, Assassin, Sorcerer, Spiritmaster, Chanter, Cleric.

Tiamaranta Siege!

Capturing Tiamaranta forts which are located at each four corners of tiamaranta, by killing each fortress's incarnate!
Each faction have to capture 2 fortresses to unlock Tiamaranta eye portal!

All sieges!

Available sieges are: Tiamaranta, Roah, Siel west, Siel east, Sulfur, Divine, Kysis, Miren, Krotan and more!

Our custom input and features!

A headstart!

You have ability to make all your 8 characters level 60 instantly, without having to level! as well as get starter items that helps you!

Custom base at Sarpan!

We have created a custom base with most the NPC's that would be needed through your gameplay to reduce the time you have to walk around to get things done!

Adjusted rates!

EXP: x5
Abyss Points: x2
Quest EXP: x5
Quest Kinah: x5

Veille / Mastarious Favor

Every hour you're online, you're rewarded with a favor, which you can exchange for skins!

Anti ninja-loot

Rolling for an item that's for your class, goes from 100 to 200; whilst goes from 0 to 100 for others!

Commands fail safe

So you won't look silly when you have typos when writing commands


You are buffed upon entering instances, which allows some instances to be entered and done solo

Compact inventory!

Items stack more; to 10,000 or even 20,000! and Mounts are moved to special cube!

In gameshop!

It contains all the necessary items to sustain yourself as well as; skins and more!

//Relics command!

It turns on all the relics in your inventory in exchange of AP with %200 rates

No Farming limit!

Kinah, AP, EXP limits are lifted!


It resets your Cooldowns, HP and MP